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Tech editor and reporter who writes about women's rights, health, and the environment.

Why the Quest for Clean Cookstoves in India Is a Women’s Rights Issue

Why the Quest for Clean Cookstoves in India Is a Women’s Rights Issue It was still dark as we drove out of the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, early one winter morning in 2016. I could see fires lit along the roadside, indistinct figures huddled around the flames. Even within a modern Indian city, I was surprised to find that cooking with wood was still a common way of life. We watched the sun rise over the Aravalli mountain range as we headed to Cheetarawas, one of several neighboring villages whe

10 Signs to Remember from the Women’s March Iowa Chapter

On Saturday I marched with 26,000 fellow Iowans at the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines the day after Trump’s inauguration. As I joined the crowd of women and men forming on the lawn, I was surprised and a little embarrassed to feel my chest tightening and tears forming in my eyes before the march even officially commenced. Seeing firsthand the sheer number of people who showed up and reading their handmade signs expressing personal messa

To Vegan and Back: How a Trip to India Sparked My Diet Makeover

To Vegan and Back: How a Trip to India Sparked My Diet Makeover Sailesh challenged this notion. Imagine a professorial-looking, middle-aged Indian man picketing at a Burning Man barbecue with a “Meat is Murder” sign slung over his shirt. Yep, that was Sailesh. He told me his son had invited him to the drug-fueled festival in the middle of the desert to have fun, but Sailesh couldn’t resist the opportunity to convert a few unsuspecting omnivores while he was there. The man fancied himself the Ga

The Hunt for the Best Fitness Tracker

My enthusiasm began to wane after a week of wearing all three trackers, and I started to wonder: If I knew I was working out regularly, did I really need a fitness tracker to tell me that? Chris Eschbach, director of the biometrics lab for Valencell, which develops sensor technology similar to that present in the Apple Watch and Fitbit, pointed out the flaw in my logic. “One of the things that these wearables will do is tell the truth,” said Eschbach. “Humans have a really bad recall when it co

The iPhone’s Role in Citizen Journalism

Smartphones not only let us record incidents, but they also play an important role in how we share stories and footage. “In order to dispense a story worldwide, you just need your phone,” said Berlin. “Social media plays a huge role in the spread of information and in some cases, misinformation.” While utilizing the devices we carry at all times to increase the government’s accountability is a breakthrough, it’s also important to acknowledge limitations.
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